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Myriad FAQ


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Myriad Keyboard System FAQ

Q. What is the difference between a keyboard system and a keyboard tray?

A. A popular question many customers ask when looking for their first keyboard system. A keyboard tray is a standalone tray; while a keyboard system includes a tray and articulating arm as one unit. The articulating arm is what makes the keyboard system move up and down adapting to fit each user. Also note that without an articulating arm you're not able to mount the keyboard system under your desk securely. We also offer fixed height keyboard drawers for our customers that do not need an adjustable system.

Q. Do you only offer keyboard trays with articulating arms included? Other vendors offer just a keyboard tray or articulating arm by themselves. Am I able to purchase one of these items by itself from Beyond The Office Door?

A. While we only show complete keyboard systems on our website, the individual components of each system are available for sale. For our first time customer a keyboard system is not a familiar product. Offering the complete system with its full specifications makes choosing the right system much easier for everyone. If you are in need of replacement components for your RightAngle products please contact sales representative at or toll free 866-733-0698.

Q. What is the Myriad keyboard tray constructed of?

A. All Myriad keyboard trays are constructed from thin gage steel creating one of the most stable trays on the market. The Myriad tray also offers a sleek design helping to eliminate the knee interference found on most dated keyboard systems still being sold.

Q. How do I know that the keyboard system I choose will fit my workstation?

A. When choosing a keyboard system for your existing workstation it is important to take accurate measurements. Take note of the width of your future keyboard tray and the required mounting depth for the systems track. All RightAngle keyboard systems require at least 18” – 23.5” mounting depth which will allow the tray to slide completely underneath the work surface. All systems require a flat surface to mount the track onto.

Q. What if I want to stand at my workstation for part of my day?

A. The Myriad Keyboard Tray is available with a sit / stand mechanism that will allow you to adjust the keyboard to standing height. With appoximately 11.5" of overall height adjustment standing at your workstation can be acheived within seconds. RIghtAngle also offers a series of premium sit to stand desks.

Q. What type of material can the RightAngle tracks be mounted to?

A. The track is what the keyboard system attaches to the desk with. Since a good amount of pressure is applied on most systems it is important to make a secure connection to the work surface. Also make sure that the work surface is thick enough to accept the 5/8” screws included with all RightAngle keyboard systems. All RightAngle hardware is designed to be used with most wood work surfaces.

Q. I am left handed will the Myriad keyboard system work for me?

A. The Myriad keyboard trays were designed with the flexibility of each user in mind. Each Myriad system allows you to move the mouse position in seconds with two quick release buttons located underneath the keyboard tray. Pushing the two buttons you are able to release the mouse and move it into four different positions. Choose the left or right handed option depending on your needs.

Q. Will the Myriad keyboard tray work with my Microsoft ergonomic keyboard?

A. Yes the Myriad is large enough to accommodate all Microsoft ergonomic keyboards. We also offer a 101RGKPS NaturalFit™ palm supports to add to each Myriad system for additional comfort. Offered in the same high quality polyurethane material as the standard wrist pad and fits most ergonomic type keyboards from Microsoft.

Q. What is the warranty for RightAngle keyboard systems?

A. All RightAngle keyboard systems are warranted to be free of defects due to manufacturing or materials for a period of five years from shipment date. The manufacturer will replace any defective part after being inspected by an authorized agent for RightAngle products. The freight cost required to get the damaged item back to the warehouse is not covered by this warranty. All outgoing freight will be covered by the warranty (everything sent back to you).

Q. Who are RightAngle ergonomic products made by?

A. All RightAngle ergonomic products are made by K&A Mfg., Inc located in Schofield, WI. RightAngle products have been in production for over twenty years and counting. Give their line of keyboard trays a try and you will not be disappointed...we guarantee it!

Contact Info:

K&A Mfg., Inc
6703 Zinser Street
Schofield, WI 54476

Q. Why do you only offer keyboard systems from one manufacturer?

A. While there are plenty of other sources for keyboard systems available, our company felt only one stood out above all of the rest. The Myriad keyboard system by RightAngle products is by far the easiest system to assemble and operate. The Myriad series sets RightAngle apart from all other potential manufacturers (in our opinion). Will its all metal design keyboard bounce is nearly eliminated and the durability of each tray is nearly indestructible. That's just the beginning and we feel so confident that you will love your new Myriad keyboard system we have waived all re-stocking fees. Return your Myriad system for any reason and you only pay the return freight.

Computer Keyboard Resources:

OSHA "How to pick a proper keyboard"

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