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There are a number of factors that employers must take into consideration when choosing a workstation for employees in their office, from comfort to durability to appearance. However, in recent years, the health benefits of different workstations have come to play an increasingly important role in employers' decision making. As such, Beyond the Office Door is proud to offer work station solutions from LifeSpan, aimed at creating functional work stations that are also beneficial to users' health.

One of the most revolutionary new work stations in recent years has been the adjustable height desk, allowing workers to either stand or sit while working. Numerous studies have come out recently that point out the numerous health benefits of standing while working, including cardiovascular benefits and increased calorie burning. However, LifeSpan has added an additional component to the standing desk: a fully functional treadmill that allows employees to walk while they work.

While many might view such a work station as distracting, studies have actually found that treadmill desks not only benefit an employee's health, but they also increase productivity by helping to keep employees alert and engaged with their work. Whether utilizing just an adjustable height desk or an adjustable height desk combined with a treadmill base, LifeSpan is leading the way as they provide both functional and health-conscious office equipment that is sure to serve individuals in any field.

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LifeSpan Fitness Walking Treadmill Desk
LifeSpan Fitness Walking Treadmill Desk
Product # : LSP-TR1200-DT
$2,199.00  Sale Price: $1,499.00
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