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At Beyond the Office Door, we are proud to offer a variety of attractive and sturdy products from Flexsteel. If you are looking for a comfortable, attractive, and contemporary seating solution for your office's break room or reception area, any of the impressive pieces offered by Flexsteel could be a perfect option for you. With striking lines and clean, neutral colors, these modern pieces of furniture can walk a fine line that many other seating options cannot, as they are able to look great in both modern and traditional office environments. These pieces are both muted enough that they can blend in seamlessly with existing décor or also striking enough that they can stand out as the focal point of any room in your office.

When welcoming guests into your office or providing your employees with a place to take a break and relax, you want to make sure that you provide them with a comfortable and supportive place to sit, while also not detracting from the overall look and feel of your office. Fortunately, with the attractive chairs, love seats, and sofas available from Flexsteel through Beyond the Office Door, you can do just that. Additionally, when investing in office furniture, you want to be sure that the piece you are bringing into your office will be able to stand the test of time. That's why Flexsteel offers a limited lifetime warranty on most of its products, ensuring that these pieces will continue to look great and offer unparalleled support for years to come.

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Product ID : FLX-DA01110
Sale Price: $805.00
Product ID : FLX-C208810
Sale Price: $865.99
Product ID : FLX-C241610
Sale Price: $885.99
Product ID : FLX-CH10810
Sale Price: $895.99
Product ID : FLX-CH10010
Sale Price: $925.99
Product ID : FLX-C273510
Sale Price: $965.99
Product ID : FLX-CD00110
Sale Price: $1,080.00
Product ID : FLX-CH10820
Sale Price: $1,125.99
Product ID : FLX-CH10020
Sale Price: $1,245.99
Product ID : FLX-DA01120
Sale Price: $1,289.99
Product ID : FLX-CD00120
Sale Price: $1,300.99
Product ID : FLX-CH10830
Sale Price: $1,349.99
Product ID : FLX-CH10031
Sale Price: $1,450.99
Product ID : FLX-DA01131
Sale Price: $1,520.99
Product ID : FLX-CD00130
Sale Price: $1,549.99