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Maryland Real Wood Standing Desk
Maryland Handcrafted Hardwood Standing Desk **Made in the USA**
Product # : COL-MARYLAND
$2,350.00  Sale Price: $1,559.99
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Delaware Real Wood Stand Up Desk
The Delaware Handcrafted Hardwood Stand Up Writing Desk **Made in the USA**
Product # : COL-DELAWARE
$1,850.00  Sale Price: $1,169.99
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NewHeights™ Fixed Height Stand Standing Desk – Custom Heights From 22" to 52" Tall **Made in the USA**
NewHeights™ Fixed Height Stand Standing Desk – Custom Heights From 22" to 52" Tall **Made in the USA**
Product # : RA-24XXNFWT
$882.00  Sale Price: $485.99
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3 Item(s) Page 1 of 1 |   1

When you have a writing project looming, or you regularly write for your occupation, having the right writing desk is essential. You want your writing desk to complement the contours of your body; the way you sit and hold yourself while writing. Fortunately, at Beyond the Office Door, our writing desks are suited to a variety of users, and are built with your comfort in mind.

Whether you are looking for a stand-up desk to enhance your physical mobility while working, or a traditional seated desk, finding the right desk for you and your employees is important. With the right choice, you can ensure that you perform your writing projects in the most comfortable position. Depending on your preference, writing desks can come with angled writing surfaces, enclosed storage spaces, drawers, and customized height options.

The ability to customize your writing desk is critical in aiding in personal comfort, and the option to adjust height is fast becoming a priority for many writers and other workers.
Height adjustment can be beneficial for those writers who need to move around occasionally, but who cannot stop writing or working to do so. And for the days when you need to sit and rest, a writing desk with adjustable height can quickly and easily switch from a stand-up height to a seated height.

Writing desks that are customized to your specific needs come with a variety of benefits, and can be used in a great number of spaces. They are effective additions to places such as:

  • Personal offices
  • Public work offices / cubicles
  • Executive office spaces
  • Home offices

In each of these spaces, a customized writing desk can provide its user with a number of benefits, the most important being a desk fitted to their physical comfort. These desks can also be customized as far as material goes, as they are available in wood material or metal, and have lots of options for their top surfaces and finishes, making it easy to match these pieces to an office's existing aesthetic.

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