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Wall Mount Systems

At Beyond the Office Door, we strive to stay up-to-date with the latest office equipment technology, including flexible computer workstations such as the wall mount system. Computer wall mount systems are quickly becoming popular in a variety of work environments due to the many benefits they offer both employees and guests. They let users have small, upright computer workstations, including room for a keyboard, which they can access while standing. 

Standing desks are typically utilized for ergonomic purposes, but they also allow busy offices to install discreet workstations in high-traffic areas, such as hallways of health clinics, where use is limited to a few minutes of one’s time. If an employee needs to stand while working longer hours, this desk has adjustable features that allow maximum comfort throughout the day.

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RightAngle VW Series Wall Mount Compact Workstation Adjustable Monitor & Keyboard Arms
RightAngle VW Series Wall Mount Compact Workstation Adjustable Monitor & Keyboard Arms
Product # : RA-VWCOMP
$1,172.00  Sale Price: $639.99
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Additionally, some companies install computer wall mounts for their guests to use while waiting. For instance, if a visitor needs to quickly fill out a form while in your office’s reception area, it is easy for him or her to access the space-efficient wall mount unit without your reception staff worrying about printing and keeping track of paper documents.

If you are looking for the flexibility, ergonomic benefits, and easy access provided by a computer wall mount system, trust Beyond the Office Door to meet your needs. We offer strong, high-quality wall mounts with room for a monitor, keyboard, and CPU so that you can have all of your computer components in a small, space-efficient unit.

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