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Nightingale Reception Sets

Nightingale Danforth/Lakeshore Sets

The Danforth Series by Nightingale is made of three modern pieces of furniture. The three-seat sofa, loveseat, and modern club chair are characterized by their incredible versatility. Customers can choose from over forty upholstery options, many of which are different fabrics altogether. The sheer beauty of these comfortable choices cannot be questioned, and each of the items embodies the series' artful blend of style and comfort. In addition to the pieces' specialized fabrics, an easy, tool-free assembly also adds to their overall value. The elegant yet simple Danforth Series works well as a both a complete set, or the stand-alone pieces. Additionally this collection can be made to pair with other furniture in your office to enhance the room's overall appearance.

If your reception area needs an extra dose of elegance and style, the Lakeshore Series by Nightingale just might be the answer. The three-seat sofa, loveseat, modern club chair, and interlocking series bench will make your existing reception furniture a thing of the past. Its basic design combined with sleek frame adds an air of modern refinement to any office environment. Guests and visitors to your office will marvel at the comfort of these pieces, resulting in an important, positive first impression. Additionally, the interlocking series bench is an impressive standout piece, adding a unique, yet functional touch to any office space.