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40 Best Online Study Guide Resource Websites

The subjects that you study in school are important for your grades, but who says that learning has to be boring? Online study guides can help you to learn more about your school subjects, such as math, science or social studies. You can play games, take quizzes or watch videos to help you with your homework, boost your knowledge of a particular subject or simply add to what you are learning in class. You can find lots of study guides in many different subjects; these games make learning so much fun, you may improve your grades and impress your teachers, all at the same time!


Arcademic Skill Builders: An online game called Multiplication Grand Prix. Players answer multiplication questions and the correct answers move their cars through a race.

Fresh Baked Fractions: Review of fractions that requires players to study examples and choose which one is different from the others. The level of difficulty varies, and ranges from easy to Super Brain.

Math Cats: This interactive site will help you have fun with numbers. Do you know how old you are in down to the very second? Or how many minutes are left until Summer Vacation?

IXL: Math: Check out this awesome site that has awesome Math lessons from Pre-K through Eighth Grade.

Cool Math 4 Kids: This site is stocked full of Math games and activities. You can practice your lessons or just play games and solve puzzles. You'll have fun and learn new stuff, too!


Discovery Education: This homework helper can help you “master the basics” of science. There are helpful videos on Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science.

Earth’s Journal: Read the stories of environment and geographic changes all over the world by choosing different points on the Earth.

Energy Kids: The EIA has provided this fun site for kids, just like you, to learn about energy. It will explain what energy is, where it comes from, how to appropriately use it, and there are also games and activities.

Kaboose – Science: This site has 40 fun and educational Science games. Play them all! I'm sure no one will mind.

PBS - Science Surprises: This site is like a science fair on your computer! Do you have what it takes to master this awesome experiments?

The Water Cycle: Watch an interactive cycle of how water moves through the atmosphere and down to earth by rain, water storage, vapor and clouds.

NASA – For Kids: This is the portal to everything you have ever wanted to know about the universe. This section for students has research tools, opportunities, videos, as well as games and activities.

Social Studies

Growth of a Nation: An animated presentation about how the United States has changed and grown since 1789. Includes a timeline over the years as well as information specific to each state.

National Geographic Kids: Pictures, information, maps and videos to look at when you click to select countries throughout the world. – Social Studies: This resource page has various reputable sites that will help you Ace your next Social Studies exam.

Sheppard Software: An interactive site with a map of the United States. Learn about the locations of each state in the country by clicking and dragging each to its correct spot.

History for Kids: This site has games, activities, and challenges on these categories: Hands on History, Ancient History, World History, British History, British History, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

English Language Arts

Basic Sentence Parts: A site that explains each of the basic definitions and uses of parts of a sentence when you move your mouse over each word.

Folktales and Fables: Some common fables and historical stories available as narrated videos. Includes The Little Red Hen, Stone Soup and other well-known stories.

Robo-Bee: From Merriam-Webster dictionary, play Robo-Bee to learn vocabulary words. The bee moves with correct answers that complete sentences.

Toon University: Help Professor Super as he shoots turkeys while practicing your use of adjectives in this online game.

Computers and Technology

OnGuard Online: This government site wants you to “Stop, Think, Click.” There are lots of resources to everything you need to know about being safe on the Internet. There is tips to protect your identity, avoid scams, and keep your computer secure. Don't forget to check out the games before you leave!

Computer Hardware: A multiple choice quiz that tests your knowledge of computer hardware and devices.

Electricity Circuits: An interactive site that teaches about electricity by powering light bulbs from energy sources of various strengths.

Safety Land: A computer safety game that lets you move through Safety Land, a place that is safe from computer viruses, spam and malware.

Typing Speed Test: A typing practice test that shows how many words you can type in a minute as well as how many mistakes you may have made during the test.

Art and Music

Classics for Kids: Check out the games! Four different games available to play about different subjects, such as composers, notes and rhythm. You can even compose your own song, listen to what you wrote, or send it to a friend.

Destination: Modern Art: Follow a Martian as he explores the Museum of Modern Art. Explains many famous pieces, who created them and includes ideas for making your own, similar pieces.

Inside Art: A site that allows you to travel inside famous paintings. By taking the quiz, you can better understand the types of art, well-known artists and their techniques.

The Music Lab: A site that lets you participate in the explanation of music, including the basics of how to read notes, follow a tempo and understand pitch.

Picassohead: A gallery where you can create your own painting using methods similar to Picasso. You can sign your work, save it or send it to a friend.

Play Music: A diagram of the different musical instruments found on a stage in an orchestra. Click on the type of instrument for an explanation of sounds.


K8Alt Sign Language Dictionary: Find the word you want to say in ASL, then it will show you an animation of how to sign it.

ASL Pro: Play Jeopardy! with questions related to American Sign Language, including general questions and finger spelling topics.

Hello World: Practice learning French by using this game to move pieces in order of size. The site also contains flash cards, matching games, tic-tac-toe, poems and songs to help with your French vocabulary.

Spanish-English Cycle Race: Move your player along a race track by answering questions that translate Spanish words to English in this online game.

Teach Me Spanish: This interactive site has lots of games and activities to help you learn Spanish.

Other Cool Stuff

Nutrition Word-o-Rama: An online game show that quizzes your understanding of nutrition and how to eat a healthy diet.

Recycle Roundup: A game that tests how fast you can pick up items for recycling and sort them into the correct containers.

Time for Bed?: A game that can help you determine how much sleep you need every night. Compare your sleep habits with those of different animals.

USFA Kids: Play Hazard House to learn how to keep your house safe by finding the dangers in a house that can cause fire.


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