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Allseating Fluid Chair Review

Fluid Chair Construction
The Fluid Chair has been constructed of top quality materials. The mesh upholstery is second to none. It is soft, breathable and form fitting. It easily conforms to your particular body shape and will not wear out your clothing like many other mesh chairs. The chair is fairly light making it very mobile for any user. All metal areas remain covered by plastic to give the chair a sleek look and keep you safe from scratches and scuffs. The Fluid chair has been Greenguard Certified to ensure environmentally friendly construction and materials. Allseating has also designed their chair to function flawlessly from the seated position.

Fluid Chair Ergonomics
The Fluid Chair is a nice ergonomic chair if the correct options are chosen. The standard features include: height and width adjustable arms, seat height adjustment, tension control and tilt lock. If the back angle adjustment, seat depth adjustment and lumbar plus options are chosen, then the Fluid becomes a great choice for an ergonomic chair.  The standard T2 arms have a huge height adjustment range with 7 different height positions allowing for easy typing or tasking with the arm rests. The standard arms are also width adjustable to accommodate numerous girths. You can also get an upgraded multi-dimensional arm rest kit on your Fluid Chair to allow for even more adjustability. The lumbar plus option offers great support for the lower back and allows for comfort over numerous hours. For more information visit our chair ergonomics page.

Shipping, Arrival and Assembly
Once shipped, the Fluid Chair arrived to us within 2 days via UPS Ground. The exterior of the box exhibited little damage and was still structurally strong. Upon opening the box, we were pleased to find that the majority of the chair is already assembled. The back rest, arm rests and casters come pre-installed, leaving little work for the end user. The end user simply needs to remove the packaging, place the pneumatic cylinder in the chair base, set the seat on the cylinder and you’re done! The packaging was second to none with absolutely zero scratches, scuffs or damage to the chair when it arrived.

What’s in the box?

  • The first and most important thing is the chair itself. All parts are included in the box with installation instructions. No tools are necessary as there are no screws or bolts that need to be installed by the user.
  • You will also find a small pamphlet detailing the warranty details and Warranty Response Team service instructions. Allseating is dedicated to quality and they have implemented a Warranty Response Team to ensure all customers receive a high quality product and top notch service.
  • Fluid Proper Chair Adjustments: You will receive a pamphlet detailing what position to properly adjust your fluid chair to in order to maximize comfort and support. This pamphlet also details the instructions on how to make specific adjustments on the chair to achieve the correct position.
  • Caring for your Fluid Chair: Also included in the pamphlet are instructions on how to properly clean and maintain your new Allseating Chair. You will learn what cleaners to use and what needs to be done to keep your chair in tip top shape.

Chair Drawbacks
The main drawback is that the standard Fluid Chair does not quite measure up to top quality ergonomic chairs in terms of adjustability. But, this problem can be solved with a few upgrades like lumbar plus, back angle adjustment and seat depth adjustment. These features are strongly recommended to get the full value and comfort out of the chair.

Overall Feeling on the CPOD by Allseating
Overall, the Fluid Chair is a great ergonomic mesh chair if the correct options are chosen. It is very adjustable, has top of the line mesh and is comfortable for long hours. With the large backrest and options like seat depth adjustment, the Fluid chair can accommodate a huge range of users.  

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