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VertDesk™ Custom Electric Sit Stand Desk - 7 Desktop Colors Available

VertDesk™ Custom Electric Sit Stand Desk - 7 Desktop Colors Available
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Manufacturer: BTOD
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Product Description


Introducing the Custom VertDesk. After receiving requests from our customers to offer the VertDesk in more than two colors, the custom VertDesk was created. What's different about the custom VertDesk? We have 7 additional colors available, a thicker desktop of 1 1/8" and options like rounded corners (or a bow front) available. You get the same great light/medium duty adjustable height desk frame with an upgraded desktop. Each VertDesk™ is equipped with strong German gear and spindle drive systems, allowing it to make smooth movements up and down. With a standard lifting capacity of 250 lbs, the VertDesk can handle almost any office task with ease. Custom VertDesk's are not returnable. If you have a question on colors options please order a free color sample.


VertDesk Specifications & Features

  • Color Options: Mahogany, Pearwood, Driftwood, Chocolate Flame, Black, Gray and White
  • Push button control for easy height adjustment
  • Large height adjustment range of 28.4" to 46.9"
  • Standard lifting capacity of 250 lbs.
  • Quick and quiet adjustment speed of 1.1" per second
  • Durable 1 1/8" thermally fused laminate worksurface w/ matching edge banding
  • 22.5" leg space - from front edge of desktop to cross bar
  • Developed in the USA
  • Plugs into standard 110 outlet
  • Control box and motor are UL approved
  • Other options - VertDesk Base Only - VertDesk Treadmill Desk - VertDesk Bamboo Desk
  • Ready to Assemble - (Click Here for Instructions)

    Wood Essence Laminate Tops

    You’ve heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, well that’s exactly true for our laminate work surfaces which are really so much more.  First, you’ll do a double-take when you realize they are not real wood… they’re even better.  That’s because our wood essence laminate desktops are scratchproof, water resistant, and extremely durable, unlike real wood or powder coated tops which can dent and only withstand minor scratches. Plus the powder-coating process, which sprays colored powder onto heated surfaces, creates a smooth painted look making it nearly impossible for the finished product to resemble real wood.   You’ll get that real wood look with our wood essence laminate, pay less for it, and it will last you longer.  

    Seamless Edges with 4EVERedge™ Technology

      Say good bye to peeling, sharp edges on your desktop.  The 4EVERedge™ process produces virtually invisible joints using state of-the-art hot air technology rather than old fashioned glue. The seamless edge banding which results, looks neater, is resistant to dirt, heat and moisture and even offers a higher UV resistance to fading.  Plus you won’t have to worry about replacing your whole desk just because your edges are coming undone… because they won’t!  But just to give you even more peace of mind, these edges come with a lifetime warranty. You won’t have to worry about getting your shirt caught in the edge of your desk again with 4EVERedge! ™

    Strong Recycled Steel Frames

    Steel, an alloy of carbon and iron, is one of the most versatile materials on the planet. Because of its durability and strength it is used in the making of everything from buildings to warships... and even the legs of our popular VertDesk. Steel is also a sustainable product since it can be produced with a low amount of energy, and it’s recyclable. In fact, it is North America’s most recycled material. So when you buy a VertDesk not only can you be confident in the strength of our recycled steel legs, you can rest easy knowing they’re also environmentally friendly.


    Rock Solid Stability with Aluminum Cross Support

    Each of our VertDesks comes with a cross support bar which will give your desk rock solid stability. Cross bars prevent your desk from swaying whether empty or fully loaded, so you can stay focused on your work… instead of a wobbly desk.


    European Engineered Bevel Gears & Spindle Drives

      Our VertDesk™ uses premium bevel gears and spindle drives that are typically found in desks retailing for more than $1,000. Bevel gears are popular because of their flexible angles and adjustable force levels. The VertDesk’s gear and spindle systems are designed and manufactured by Ketterer Gears in Germany. Ketterer got its start more than 180 years ago, when Benedikt Ketterer founded a clock making factory in 1832. Since then the company has always been on the forefront of new ideas, from the first electricity connection in the area, to the factory’s own private rail siding for its material supplies. For the past 25 years, Ketterer has been making height adjustment mechanisms for office and workshop systems, so you can rest assured knowing the VertDesk’s gear and spindle system was made by one of the leaders in the industry.

    VertDesk Dimensions


    VertDesk Showcase & Assembly Videos



    Ergonomic Accessories


    Single Basic HS1111 Details

    Single Premium HS3101 Details

    • We recommend this item
    • 12 3/4" tall post mount system
    • Most vesa compliant monitors up to 32" will fit
    • Weight Capacity up to 33lbs
    • Built-in internal cable management: cables route neatly
    • Easy to adjust 12" tall spring operated arm mount
    • Most vesa compliant monitors up to 24" will fit
    • Weight Capacity up to 22lbs
    • Built-in internal cable management: cables route neatly

    Dual Basic HS1221 Details

    Dual Premium HS3221 Details

    • We recommend this item
    • 12 3/4" tall post mount system
    • Most vesa compliant monitors up to 26" will fit
    • Weight Capacity up to 33lbs
    • Built-in internal cable management: cables route neatly
    • Easy to adjust, dual 13 1/2" spring operated
    • Most vesa compliant monitors up to 26" will fit
    • Weight Capacity up to 22lbs
    • Built-in internal cable management: cables route neatly

    Basic Keyboard Tray EVS17S Details

    Premium Keyboard Tray EC19/S Details
    • Single knob adjusts height and tilt
    • 5.5" of height adjustment
    • -15°/+10° tilt adjustment
    • Spring assist for tilt and height adjustment
    • We recommend this item
    • No knob or lever needed for height adjustment
    • 6" of height adjustment
    • -20°/+0° tilt adjustment
    • Low profile design maximizes knee space
    203 CPU

    Basic CPU Holder 203CPU Details

    Premium CPU Holder 300CPU Details

    • Adjusts to fit computers 5"-8"W x 9"-18 3/4"H
    • Fixed under desk
    • Uses strong recycled steel
    • Supports up to 40 lbs
    • We recommend this item
    • Adjusts to fit computers 4"-9.5"W x 11.5"-21"H
    • Slides out and swivels
    • Uses 16 guage steel to secure CPU
    • Supports up to 75 lbs
    Mobile File Cabinet 55106 Details
    • Overall Size: 24"H x 17"W x 21.25"D
    • On casters for easy mobility (2 lock for stability)
    • Scratch resistant paint finish w/ steel frame
    • Box and file drawer are central locking
    Wire Management Swivel Pencil Drawer
    Snake Wire Management
    Swivel Pencil Drawer
    • We recommend this item
    • Route cables from desk to floor
    • Easily attaches to the underside of the desk
    • Quickly install or remove the cables inside
    • Keep the cables segregated from each other
    • Dimensions: 14"W x 8"D x 1"H
    • Swivels and stows underneath desk
    • Includes scotch tape dispenser
    • Perfect for pencisl, pens and paper clips

    VertDesk Warranty Information

    VertDesk™ products are warranted to be free of defects due to manufacturing or material as follows: 2 years on gears and/or motors, including control box and switch; 5 years on support brackets, columns and feet. VertDesk™ will replace any defective part after inspection by an authorized agent. Costs incurred due to product replacement such as installation, labor charges or transportation are not covered under this warranty.


    Color Swatches
    Work Top Colors **Click Image To Enlarge**
    Hardrock Maple Cherry Mahogany  
    Hardrock Maple
    Pearwood Driftwood Chocolate Flame  
    Chocolate Flame
    Black Galaxy White  
    Gray Matrix
    Galaxy White


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